Ken: Partner in law firm. Three grown children. Divorced after 23 years. Meeting women through friends. Many first dates; few second dates.


Joins an online dating site. Spends a lot of time searching through profiles, emailing and meeting women. Interested in the beginning but starts to burn out. Meets Lisa and dates her for a month. Not the right match.


A friend recommends Innovative-Match (I-Match). Schedules his session. Someone "gets it." Impressions: Warm, supportive Expert. Discussed dating smart strategies and a customized plan.


Joins the I-Match community. Invests in Membership option. Expert support teams works with him. Online profile creation and management offloaded. Feels excited, positive and hopeful.


Four months of online matches, dates, introductions and coaching later, meets Melissa. The right match, the right time. And the ending of his story changes.