I’ve been separated for almost a year. Sad for sure, but not the end of the world. A few months ago a neighbor told me about Cassie Keim, a professional matchmaker with over 20 years of experience. All I can say, Cassie is awesome. She sat with me, figured out my priorities, we talked about what went wrong with my what went wrong with my marriage and what my hopes are for the future. She sources potential dates, we talk about how a relationship is developing, she’s an objective friend, a true professional.
— Elizabeth, F Diablo, CA
Starting to date after being in a long marriage was like learning a new language. I had no idea what to do as far as meeting new people, dating techniques, advice on first dates, and not feeling uncomfortable or afraid. After working with Innovative Match within three weeks I started to feel confident, it became fun and I felt secure having a third party involved. Dating is hard but with guidance and support it became an exciting journey and one that I will never regret. I am dating great guys, having fun and will hopefully find that great love again.
— Michelle R, Greenwich, CT
I have to admit I was always a little hesitant about online dating but after speaking with the team at Innovative Match I felt I was in good hands. It has been such so easy having you help me manage and navigate all that is involved in the online search. I have loved having you as my advocates and advisors. I’m going to dinner with Steve again Saturday....fingers crossed the search is over.
— Sharon M, Los Angeles CA
I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Innovative Match. After 8 months online on my own on with limited success, hiring Innovative Match was the best decision I could have made. With your guidance and coaching I have seen a dramatic difference in both the process, and the quality of women I’ve been meeting. I know we’re in the early stages but feeling very confident that your expertise will result in the committed relationship I’m ready for.
— Gary C, Los Gatos CA
I hired Innovative Match to coach and support me through a difficult break-up. I needed the expertise, advice and tools to break old patterns, and begin new healthier ones. After one month of intensive coaching I began to date again. Innovative Match guided me to meet the right woman and stayed with me as I began to date someone exclusively. They made sure I was on track and within a few months, I knew that I had changed. I met someone where there could possibly be a long term relationship.
— Robert M, Paradise Valley, AZ
Cassie, just a quick note to let you know that Mark and I have decided to be exclusive. We think this could be it and so appreciate your efforts in bringing us together, we certainly would not have met without you. Thank you!
— Susan B, Palo Alto CA
Katherine is exactly the woman I was hoping to find when I came to you. As you both know, after losing my wife of 29 years I never really expected to find another great love but thanks to you I have. Your expert guidance is helping us blend our families perfectly together and we are excited about this next chapter of life. We have a trip to Italy planned in July and will drink a toast to you in Tuscany for finding us a very special love. Grazi!
— Tom G, New York
Matt and I are going away this weekend to celebrate our six month anniversary, still early days but looks very promising. Thank you for helping us work through these early days with ease!
— Patty B, Boston MA
Ladies you nailed it! Patricia is the one. I’ve enjoyed the women you have introduced me to. They have been interesting and attractive. I learned a bit more about myself and what I was looking for while working with Innovative Match and when Patricia walked through the door I knew the search was over. We share so many common interests and her smile lights up my day. Job well done, many thanks.
— Luke C, Chicago IL