Boost Fall & Holiday Dating Confidence & Calm: New Body Language Research Revealed

For singles, the fall and holiday months can rank high on the “stress-o-meter.” Not only is it dating high season, but also travel, social activities and family events abound! Although it’s an ideal time to meet “the one,” romance fatigue can occur.  One way to rejuvenate, particularly for the 45+ set, is to employ body language mastery along with techniques to avoid dating burnout.

For insights on two-minute confidence strategies, enjoy the latest article about Harvard professor Amy Cuddy - an Innovative Match (IM) favorite! Tap into Cuddy’s no pill, no therapy bill, instant self-assurance poses that have rocketed her to the top of the TED talk charts. Featured in last month’s New York Times, she commands the attention of celebrities, Fortune 100 officers, and politicians. Best yet, you can apply these methods not only to dating but also to other endeavors and potentially change the trajectories within your life.


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