BREAKING NEWS: Study Reveals Spring Spike in Online Dating

Happy spring dating from the Innovative Match (I-Match) editorial team! The I-Match Recognition for this week features, “When Spring is in the Air, So is Dating App Engagement” by Trace Ronning of Liftoff. This report reveals that consistent engagement with dating applications occurs during the months of March through May. These findings are in line with activity peaks observed at I-Match. So how can you spring into online dating romance? Here are a few tips from our expert team:

1. Spring clean your dating profile: consider a full makeover of your profile, or a quick refresh, by updating your photos, interests and most recent adventures

2. Take a look at some other dating platforms (whether they are large communities or niche sites). This will help if you have not seen optimal results on your current account in the past six months

3. Utilize your site’s search engine optimization features, such as’s Hot Spot, to maximize your exposure to potential partners. These features can double or triple your results

4, Step up your outreach efforts. Spring is the time to feel confident and make the first move. Once you’ve spotted a potential match, take control of your romance journey

Spring has traditionally been linked to renewal and new adventures. There’s a sense of growth and that life is ultimately changing for the better. It’s the perfect time to open up to new experiences, broaden your horizons, and embrace the potential of falling in love!