Fall Dating is Around the Corner

Fall is a more serious time of year.  It’s when all the commotion from summer fizzles and we get back into the swing of our routines. This slowing down process is part of what makes fall the perfect time for love.  In 2012, Facebook Data Science released a study that calculated seasonal patterns of relationships in Facebook profiles. During the fall months, more singles were changing their status to "In A Relationship" and "Engaged". Fall proves to be a good time for love because we all want someone to spend winter and the holidays with. 

Date nights are even better in the fall. A recent study conducted by researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology found that when the weather starts getting colder, our choice of movies starts to get warmer. Men and women are more likely to choose romantic comedies during the frigid months due to the connection between physical and psychological sensations. Feeling cold results in the desire for warmth. There's never been a better time to get closer to your sweetheart by watching The Notebook.

We can now stop dreading the end of the exhilarating highs of summer and look forward to fall, where there’s a possibility of something even more magical to happen.