The Roadmap to Resilience: Dating for Singles 45+

A positive attitude is your fuel on the Romance Highway, but do you often feel like you’re running out of gas? Don’t stall just yet! Here are expert tips for filling your tank so you don’t miss out on finding “the one.” 1. VISUALIZE YOUR DESTINATION

Just as you would plan a road trip, spend time mapping your future. Be clear on what you are looking for in a partner. Do you like to travel or go hiking on weekends?  Steer towards someone who shares your passions.  Look at where you are today, and lean towards a partner who compliments you.


Every awkward date or heartbreak is a lesson. Of course, it isn’t easy to examine initially, but don’t let your wisdom go to waste. Emotions can be quicksand; don’t let them pull you down. Instead, date forward! Each experience is a chance to correct your path towards a greater match.


Be your own champion and GPS! Reaching your destination isn’t feasible from the backseat. Making progress on your own behalf breeds both confidence and change. Getting online is just an initial step. Search members, post new photos, and update your profile. The more you give, the more you shall receive.


Self-care is an extension of self-confidence.  Exercise daily to trigger happy chemicals in your brain. Use positive words in your vocabulary. Employ meditation exercises to soothe your mind. Practice power poses to optimize body language and release stress fast. Carve out personal time, just as you would an oil change, to extend your journey on the Romance Highway.

5. FUN FOLLOWS FUN When you’re in play mode, you feel carefree and confident. Everybody wants to get to know people who enjoy themselves; fun is contagious!  Plan “gal pal” junkets like weekend trips, supper clubs, new sports activities, art classes, etc. Seek out fun for yourself and a fun dating experience will soon follow.


Maximize your dating channels: join a co-ed workout class, volunteer on a committee at your church, or go to university alumni events.  Bring work to a restaurant and challenge yourself to sit solo at the bar.  Dating is a numbers game, and sustaining an ongoing flow of new opportunities is key.


Huffington Post offers great tips on leading a focused life. Don’t let other people’s opinions or fear weigh you down. Check the rear view mirror periodically to remember what you’ve conquered, but keep your gaze on the road ahead. The lighter you travel, the more room there will be for hope, faith, and optimism.

Above all, choose to make the best of your journey. Start your drive energized, with a clear mind and a positive demeanor. Get on the road with a nice cup of coffee on a sunny day. Integrate these tools on the Romance Highway and you’ll set yourself up for a successful trip. You’ll be at your destination before you know it.

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