The Single’s Guide to Success on Valentine’s Day

While the stores stock their windows and aisles with candy and trinkets for Valentine’s Day, many singles find it difficult to keep their heads up, enjoy the perks of single life and treat themselves with the self-love they deserve. As people enter the prime of their lives, dating success requires a balance of both realism and optimism. Be thankful for the lessons from the past – but use these techniques to leave them in the past. Take this time to reflect on what you are looking for in a companion, make yourself more available to potential partners and be your own matchmaker.

A positive attitude is key to finding a partner, especially around the holidays. It’s not too late to start your New Year’s dating resolutions; if you haven’t dated online, start now! If you’re on a site, join one or two more. Take advantage of the “numbers” game by widening your search and making your profile stand out. While having a first date on the actual holiday is not advised, statistics show that Valentine’s Day can cause singles to catch the romance bug and become more active on dating sites in the days and month after.

Author Lorraine Jackson’s article from, the internet supersite for self improvement and personal growth (read in over 100 countries), presents top techniques for remaining positive and resilient during the dating process.

5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Dating Process by Lorraine Jackson