The Ultimate Holiday Romance Guide: 8 Strategies for a Season of Success

The holidays can be a joyous time but also a stressful one.  With the right attitude and advice, you can enter 2015 more confident and ready for romance than ever. The Innovative Match (IM) matchmakers have compiled a list of first-class recommendations to get you through the season with your head high and a positive mindset. 1. The Holidays Are About LoveHowever, love does not require being in a relationship. Take moments to remember and appreciate the amazing parts of your life. If you are single, make the holidays about self-love, not about wishing you were with someone.

2. Relish Freedom Being unattached allows you to set your own holiday schedule and take charge of your plans. Make appointments for pampering dates with yourself. Check out eHarmony’s article “5 Great Reasons To Be Single During the Holidays.” Focus on being the best version of you and a holiday glow will radiate in your everyday life.

3. Steer Clear of Holiday Blues A positive attitude is key to acceleration on the Romance Highway. If you take charge and keep your eyes on your goals, stress and negativity will be left in the dust. This may mean abstaining from checking your online dating accounts too frequently. Reflect on what is best for you this season and stay focused.

 4. Opportunities Are Knocking – Answer the Door It’s a festive, ideal time to reconnect with old friends and meet new people. Have a few minutes of down time? Call or email someone you’ve lost touch with and wish them happy holidays. Browse your online dating matches and send messages. A seasonal greeting may lead to a great connection!

5. Become a Holiday Party Pro Hit the holiday party circuit beaming! If you’re single, these events land you in a social setting where potential partners can find you. Follow these IM tips on how to look fabulous and make an unforgettable impression. Ask the host to introduce you to whoever catches your eye. Check out these great tips for solo party goers from Part 4 of bestselling author Leila Lowndes’ book How to Instantly Connect with Anyone!. Leverage party pointers from Midsummer’s Eve (the UK and Ireland's award-winning dating site) and you may leave with a new first date on your schedule!

6. In a New Relationship? Holiday Nourish It! This winter season presents phenomenal opportunities to pursue fun with a new companion; suggest dinner and the theater or holiday shopping with a date. AskMen provides novel seasonal ideas for making romance magic.

7. Look Fabulous for the Holidays An easy trap to fall into is over eating and a lack of exercise. Check out this must read article from the great Huffington Post editorial team: “Holiday Survival Guide: 8 Strategies to Avoid Overeating”.

 8. Start Your New Year’s Dating Resolutions Now Consider New Year’s resolutions that can help you to achieve your romantic goals. If you haven’t dated online, start now. If you’re on a site, join one or two more. It’s a “numbers” game; to be selective you need a large pool of potential candidates. Maybe your online profile needs a tweak – or a makeover. IM clients have seen results double and their quality of matches dramatically improve by changing screen names, updating photos and profiles. Also, take stock and reassess the many other options for maximizing dating opportunities.



This season revolves largely around gratitude, connecting with others, reflection and new beginnings - an ideal climate in which to celebrate yourself, those you love, and your romance journey. Happy Holidays from the entire IM team!