To Date Or Not To Date - Separated, Not Divorced

This week Innovative Match (IM) focuses on Huffington Post article "Separated But Not Divorced: Should You Date Him?” Author Jackie Pilossoph raises critical points for 40+ singles to consider as they navigate today’s increasingly complex dating landscape.  She highlights the fact that many couples take months to finalize their divorces – even years – for financial reasons; ruling potential partners out who are not yet fully divorced may result in missed opportunities. IM's CEO and Founder Cassie Zampa-Keim’s dating “rules for the road” align with many opinions expressed in the article, however, she believes that singles should avoid dating those still living with their ex-partner. A shared home is not an ideal place to begin a romance and that person may not be ready to start a new chapter.

Above all, singles must listen to one another’s stories and engage in honest communication. Put yourself in the driver's seat and voice your concerns and questions early. This way you can pave a comfortable, smooth road rather than relying on assumptions and succumbing to insecurities.

We hope you enjoy this informative read as you continue your journey down The Romance Highway.