Finding The Right Stuff: The Ivy League of Dating

Many of Innovative Match’s (IM) clients in the 50+ crowd are often overwhelmed by the seemingly endless variety of online dating sites available. Even though certain sites are targeted at mature singles and have gained stellar reputations, this random process leaves many people unfulfilled.

Working with websites like and OkCupid for many years, IM’s CEO and Founder, Cassie Zampa-Keim, has been able to humanize this random searching process as well as create accurate, stand out profiles for her clients. Nicknamed “the woman behind the computer” due to years of experience with both IM clients and popular onsite dating sites (and their dating “pools”), Cassie has led the IM team to produce record results. IM community members have met many compatible 50+ singles in major markets (New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, etc.). The IM matchmaking team has learned to sift through hundreds of profiles in record time to find those candidates with the highest potential.

While it is tempting to join major brand-name online dating sites, often clients benefit more from smaller, boutique websites. The IM team highly recommends The Right Stuff, a website that accepts users of any age who are graduates of select top universities in the world. This website provides an excellent combination of autonomy of choosing from a large database of users while also making sure the users are pre-screened and handpicked.

Cassie and the IM team continue to be excited about The Right Stuff’s growth. Both firms emphasize personalized databases. IM has curated offline networks in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. The Right Stuff has expanded to have an international, hand-picked online community. This service is led by a high profile team of professionals and recently the president, Dawne Touchings, spoke with Cassie about their services. The Right Stuff’s focus is on connecting prestigious alumni from all over the world in their pursuit of romance. The firm’s website has an easy interface and straightforward application process; it is a resource IM clients benefit from greatly.

Aside from being a platform for meeting elite singles, The Right Stuff serves the dual purpose of being a networking tool. Unlike other dating sites, clients will not have to face the possibility of fake profiles or singles not willing to meet. When The Right Stuff singles meet, even if romantic chemistry is not there, both parties network with a peer who can serve other areas of their lives. The Right Stuff sets up clients for a win-win situation.

Regardless of the site or service you are using, your journey on the Romance Highway should be filled with motivation, hope, and resilience. Your journey will only lead to success with the right tools and attitude. With the help of IM, we hope you find the outlets that suit you best.