IM Recognition #21 - Dating in Your 50s

"Every decade people seem to get younger and younger.  You can still be vibrant and youthful in your fifties and sixties and beyond. Take care of yourself, live life with purpose, and aim to be someone you’d want to date. Stay connected and involved. Meet people. Volunteer, take classes, attend events, and spend quality time with good friends. If you’re self-assured, prioritizing what matters and pursuing the things you love, you’re living a full life. And that, no matter what your age, is attractive."

Dating in Your 50s” receives this week’s Innovative Match (IM) Recognition Award! Recommended by the IM Editorial Team, this article from eHarmony provides unbeatable tips for those in their 50s entering the dating scene. We hope you’ll enjoy this informative read as you continue your journey on the Romance Highway.


Dating in Your 50s from eHarmony